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Mitchell & Ness lead a timeless culture based on the aesthetics of American basketball. Its garments, historically exact to the most acclaimed vintage uniforms in the world of sports, have become essential pieces for NBA fans. A cure for those nostalgic of the court.

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Mitchell and Ness. A history of nostalgia

Mitchell & Ness was born in 1904 in Philadelphia by the hand of Frank Mitchell and Charles Ness. Initially, the company specialized in stringing tennis rackets, building golf clubs, and manufacturing uniforms and equipment for Philadelphia football and baseball players.

Three decades later, the brand began making the uniforms of the Philadelphia Eagle association, and later of the Philadelphia Athletics and the Phillies as well. The last names of its founders were already emerging indisputably. But it was in 1985 when Mitchell & Ness radically changed its business approach. That year, a customer asked them if they could repair a Pittsburgh Pirates vest that he had kept for more than 20 years and a St. Louise Browns jersey from the late 1940s. The proposal lit up the lightbulb. Mitchell & Ness began manufacturing vintage gear pieces, completely faithful and exact. Thus, Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co was born.

Today, Mitchell & Ness have been manufacturing authentic vintage-inspired sportswear for over 100 years, becoming an undisputed part of pop culture thanks to a legion of staunch fans with names like Jay-Z or P. Diddy.


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Dive into our Mitchell & Ness online online catalog and get a hold of the most faithful reproductions of the characteristic garments of your favorite teams and players. From simple graphic tees, to classic jerseys of the most top-notch teams in the NBA, our selection of Mitchell and Ness clothing offers everything you need to fully equip yourself, showing your passion for the court.

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