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The secret to keeping your sneakers looking like the first day is in Jason Markk. This brand from Los Angeles offers a wide range of sneaker care and cleaning products, made with natural components and suitable for all types of materials. A basic for sneaker lovers.

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A must-have for collectors and sneakerheads

Founded in 2007, Jason Markk has experienced rapid growth in the streetwear industry by offering a line of specific sneaker care products. The brand began developing a chemical-free cleaner and has been refining and expanding its catalogue to include other utensils, from wipes for critical moments to a water and stain-repellent spray. In 2014, Jason Markk opened the first store with a specific sneaker cleaning service center in his hometown, Los Angeles.


How to clean your sneakers with Jason Markk products

If time has taken its toll on your sneakers, get a chemical-free cleaning solution and a wooden brush with soft bristles, suitable for all materials such as leather, suede, cotton or nubuck. Jason Markk offers these products in kit form as well as separately. A microfiber cloth is also an important tool to achieve optimal results.

Clean the sneaker with the help of the cloth and the dry brush. Then, dip the brush in water and apply a small amount of the cleaning solution to the bristles. Shake the brush to remove excess water. If needed, you can help yourself with the Jason Markk rag. Clean the area of the sneaker in circular motions, without applying excessive pressure. A light foam will be generated. Remove the foam with the help of the dry microfiber cloth and allow the sneakers to air dry for 24 hours. Finally, brush it again or just use the cloth, depending on the material.

For a specific emergency, or if the crucial cleaning moment comes while you’re away from home, you can use the quick cleaning sneaker wipes. And, since it’s better to prevent than regret, we advise you to apply the Jason Markk Liquid Repellent Protective Spray to protect your sneakers from accidental liquid spills and stains.


Why buy Jason Markk sneaker cleaner at HIDDENSNEAKER?

At Hidden Sneaker we offer a select line of sneaker cleaners to help you care for and protect your shoes. Jason Markk has a complete line of wipes, protective sprays and cleaners that will make the maintenance of your sneaker something very simple. The materials of our shoes are changing according to improvements in their manufacture or fashion trends, which is why the brand has made sure to cover the entire range of fabrics and materials that arise in the sneaker industry. Now that you know the secret to keeping your sneakers looking like they were on day one, there is no excuse to not show them off how they deserve. Choose which product suits you and obtain it at HIDDENSNEAKER’s Jason Markk store.

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