Canada Goose

With 60 years of history and origins in Toronto, the Canada Goose firm has become one of the leading luxury outerwear brands globally. Each outerwear is an unsurpassed piece that offers the most extreme protection and promises to accompany you for a lifetime.

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Compromise with the arctic

Canada Goose features coat pieces that have been present at key moments in the history of landscapes and expeditions in freezing climates. The Expedition Parka swas created to meet the enormous needs of scientists at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, nicknamed “Big Red”. In 1982, Laurie Skreslet became the first Canadian to reach the top of Mt. Everest and did so equipped with the “Big Mountain”, a custom parka that the company designed for him and later relaunched it as the Skreslet Parka. Also, the brand partnered with musher Lance Mackey, who won multiple sled races wrapped in his Canada Goose. But it is not just about sporting milestones and epic adventures: the brand has demonstrated its commitment to caring for nature and icy terrain with its partnership with Polar Bears International, allocating the proceeds from the sales of their PBI collection to the conservation of polar bear habitats. CG Resource Centers in the Arctic provide free fabrics and other items to inuit communities for them to make garments for their families and their environment.


Craftsmanship and precision

Each garment in our online Canada Goose store is created from a craft process where attention to detail, the selection of materials, and the experience of more than a decade mark the way to achieve a unique and unbeatable coat. Sheep wool, goose down and coyote hair are some of the fabrics with which the luxury firm makes each piece to isolate you from the polar cold and prepare you to venture into any terrain, from the urban landscape to the most remote places of the North.

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