Handbags and wallets

Bags and wallets have become key accessories that speak to our personality, our style and the importance that we attach to small details. Polished designs blend with hyper-functional patterns in this carefully picked selection of wallets and bags from HIDDENSNEAKER.

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The rebirth of the bag

To transport our everyday belongings, we look for versatile and functional accessories that allow us to free our pockets from all cargo and have our belongings stored safely and protected. Carrying extra weights is a handicap to be able to develop freely throughout the day, either in our work routine or in our leisure plans.

Handbags and bags for men and women have become a must-have on the streetwear scene, an essential accessory capable of combining functionality, performance and design in each model. A briefcase for work, a pencil case, a travel bag or a shoulder bag, among many other options, coexist in this collection of bags and wallets from HIDDENSNEAKER. Choose your favorite and improve your quality of life.

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